Hoontrakul Family
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Mr.Pongsak Hoontrakul
Name : Dr. Pongsak Hoontrakul (ดร. พงษ์ศักดิ์ ฮุ่นตระกูล)
Marital Status :  Married with 4 sons
Address : Bangkok, Thailand
Tel: (662) 883 5548, Fax: (662) 883 5547
Email : pongsak@hoontrakul.com
URL : www.pongsak.hoontrakul.com ; www.sasin.edu
Date of Birth : 9th October 1960
Birth Place & Citizenship : Bangkok, Thailand
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Ms.Nonthana Thanabutchai
Ms Nontana Thanabutchai obtained a Higher Diploma in Business Administration, Hammersmith & West London College, England, and a Mini MBA in Business Administration, Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Thammasart University, Thailand. She had been more than 5 years a Managing Director of Housing Development and Hotel Management before becoming one of A2Z management team focusing on local and international supply site including human resource.
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Mr. Thanabodee
Name : Master Thanabodee Hoontrakul (Bank) Address : 138 Soi Jaransanitwong 52 Jaransanitwong Road&n...
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Mr. Thanasak
Name : Mr. Thanasak Hoontrakul (billet) Address : ...
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Mr. Thanarat
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Mr. Thanakom
Name : Master Thanakhom Hoontrakul (Birdie) Address : 138 Soi Jaransanitwong 52 Jaransanitwong Road&...
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Mr. A
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