updated : 21-Dec-2014
Ancestor History

Our family originates province in Southern China. The first traceable ancestor was Uay Tan Gong (“อุ้ยตันกง”) – one of the Chinese highest ranking official and governor of the southern provinces during the Song Dynasty. He ruled the southern provinces with generosity, altruism, and justice. Currently, his cemetery is located near White Cloud Mountain in Guangzhou.

In Thailand, there are 3 prominent Hoontrakul’s ancestors who were successful in business and public services.

1.       Than Kosol Hoontrakul (ท่าน โกศล ฮุนตระกูล) started a soda manufacturing company in 1902. In the next decaded, he ventured into pharmacy business with the store name of Hoon Sui Ho (ฮุนซุยโห), ferry services business, and founded Bangkok City Bank. He was so highly regarded by businessmen around Chinatown Bangkok that he was nominated to represent them when King Rama the VIII visited Chinatown on 5th June 1945.

2.       Colonel Phraya Srivisanvaja (or Thianliang Hoontrakun) was a member of His Majesty’s Privy Council of King Rama IX, former Minister of Finance, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, first President of Chiang Mai University, and drafter of the First Thai Constitution.

3.       Than Somai Hoontrakul was a former Minister of Finance, President of Siam Cement Group, President of Siam Commercial Bank, and Director of Crown Property Bureau.

updated : 21-Dec-2014
Brief Bio

Our grandfather, Khun Somsak Hoontrakul or Paa, is not directly related to the three esteemed individuals, even though we share the same surname. Paa was born in Hainan Province and fled to Thailand when he was 9 during the civil war. He is married to Khun Malai Pongsada in 1956. Started his career by selling Chinese bao, chicken rice, and mixed vegetable rice, Paa, however, found a breakthrough in a steel factory. At first he was the marketing director in one of the factory before starting his own in 1972. The company was called “Thai Heng” held the philosophy of “service is our business”. Paa always pride himself on providing customers with premium service. The business grew from a mere 12 to 210 employees during his life time. In 1991, Thai Heng received the International Business Award in 1991 from the Thai Business Development Institute.

On the social side, Paa was the member of the 200-year Scout Society Network since 1982. In 2 years, he was elected Vice President of the 200-year Scout Society Network. For his services in the society, he was honored with the Royal Medal Level 3 in 1990. In addition, Paa was the 17th President of Trakulhoon Foundation from 1990 to 1994.