Computer Skill :

  • Fair in DOS and basic knowledge of programming in BASIC
  • Good in MicroSoft Products (e.g. Word, PaintBrush,Power Point,Excle,etc.)
  • Expert in internet surfing (e.g. Email, Chat, E-Card, Browsing, Searching, etc.)
  • Intermedite in Macromedia Dreameaver
  • Advance in Macromedia Flash


  • Golf - Dec 2000: Won a Junior Champianship Tournament at Royal Dusit Golf Club                                                                    :June 2004 : Had Hole-In-One at Royal Dusit Golf Club, Hole number 14 par 3 142yards with iron 6th. 
  • Horse Riding - Good
  • Swimming - Excellent
  • Soccer - Good
  • Badminton - Advance
  • Tennis - Intermedite
  • Chess -Quite Good
  • Basket - Good


My hobby are collecting golf ball and collecting & play games

1. Collecting golf logo ball

1.This is a golf ball from Alpine golf club.

I like Alpine golf culb because it is such a challenging and tough golf course.

2.This is a golf ball from Royal Chaingmai golf club.

Royal Chaingmai is a very wonderful golf course because of the beautiful environment that covering with fog.

3. This is a golf ball from Dragon Hill Country club.

Dragon Hill Country club is also a very beautiful because the green is enfolding with the great wall of hill. It seems playing in the volcano.

4. This is a golf ball from Lake View country club.

Lake View country club have a extravagrant hotel inside with tennis and badmidton court and a swimming pool.

5. This is a golf ball from Lake Wood golf club.

Lake Wood golf club is quite easy and good for the amateurs.

6. This is a golf ball from National Park Golf Club.

National Park golf club has sand fairway that look very nice but it is a little difficult for beginner, however, it is easy for me.

7.This is a golf ball from Rajpruek golf club.

Rajpruek golf club is challanging and excutive, I like this so much

8. This is a golf ball from Phenix Pattaya golf club.

I went there for the first time on Dr.Olarn’s birthday party. I played not so good that day; I lost to my younger brother, Billet, so I miss the position of champion.

9. This is a golf ball from Soi dao golf club.

Because of having to take a long drive, I don't like this course very much

10. This is a golf ball from Thana City golf club.

Thana City has a lot of waterfall and springkle that make the course look wonderful.

2. Play and collecting game Cd-Rom

1.Kross Fire KKND2


2.Hero 4


3.Warzone 2100.




5.Mu Online




7.Ragnarok online


8.Star wars


9.Tale Weaver Online