Pongsak Hoontrakul

Nationnality                                          Thai

Gendar                                                 Male

Date of Birth                                         03. July 1989

Address                                               138 soi Jaransanitwong 52



Aug 2008 - Aug 2012                             Chulalongkorn University Thailand EBA Economics International Program, GPA : 2.5

2004 - 2008                                           Ashbury College - Ottawa , Ontari Canada Average 78% out of 100%

1995 - 2004                                           Chulalongkorn demonstration Bangkok Thailand GPA : 3.6


Other Training

2005 (Feb)                                            Director Certificate Program (DCP 54) by     Thai 

Institute of Directors (www.thai-iod.com) View pdf file


1993                                                     Financial Derivative Frontier, University of Toronto.

1991                                                         Advance Financial Derivative-Training Camp, London,UK


Awards & Recognition

2005 (May)                                            Fellow Member of Thai Institute of Director.


2001                                                     The Best Research Paper Award for ASEANScholar at the annual Asia Pacific FinanceAssociation, [APFA].


1999                                                     The Most Excellent Dissertation in Economics by the National Research Council of Thailand.

1998                                                     The Best Research Paper Award at Internationa Finance Conference, National Taiwan University.

1995 - 1997                                           Grant from the Canadian International Development Agent (CIDA) for doctoral dissertation development.


1982 - Present                                      Thai Engineer License no Po Or 5053 by Council of Engineers,Thailand.[www.coe.or.th]

1978 - 1979                                           National honor society and high schools cholarship (free tuition) Drew College Preparatory School, USA.



                                                            Academic positions

Jul. 2011 - Present                                Founder & Executive Chairman of SasinBangkok Forum. [More details at http://www.sasinbangkokforum.org ]

Nov. 2004 - Present                              Senior Research Fellow at Sasin of Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. [More details at http://www.sasin.edu ]

2001 - 2004                                            Research Fellow at Sasin of Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.

1997- 2001                                            Lecturer and Researcher at SASIN of Chulalongkorn University

Nov. 1997 - Present                              A Director of the International Advisory Council of the Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto, Canada [More details at http://www.schulich.yorku.ca ]

June, 2003                                            Referee for Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money,  [More Details at http://ees.elsevier.com/intfin ]

Dec. 2003                                             Referee for Journal of Asian Business, University of Michigan Business School, [More details at http://www.umich.edu/~cibe/JAB/index.htm ]

August 1999                                         An External Reviewer for the Tenure of an Assistant Professorship in Economics for Babson College, Boston, USA.

July 1999                                              An External Examiner to the Master of Business Candidate, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

July 1998 - Jan. 2001                             A Member of Advisory Board on Business Confidence Index Research, Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University.

1995 - 2000                                             Lecturer of Thammasat University,Bangkok.

1987 - 1988                                             Lecturer of ABAC University, Bangkok.

Private Business Organization positions


May 2008 - Present                                Independent Director of UOL Group Limited http://www.uol.com.sg/ , associated with United Overseas Bank , Singapore [ http://www.uobgroup.com/ ]


June 2006 – April 2008                          Independent Director of United Overseas Bank (Thai) Pcl. (formerly known as Bank of Asia), Thailand [Seehttp://www.uob.co.th]


June 2005 – 2006                                   Chairman of Audit Committee and Independent Director of United Overseas Bank (Thai) Pcl. (formerly known as Bank of Asia), Thailand [See http://www.uob.co.th ] as a subsidiary of United Overseas Bank, Singapore.


May, 2002 - May 2005                            Independent Director and Audit Committee member of UOB Radanasin Bank Pcl, Thailand, [ now a part of http://www.uob.co.th ], a subsidiary of United Overseas Bank, Singapore, [ http://www.uobgroup.com ]

Jan, 2001 - Jan, 2007                            Principal Founder & CEO of A2Z Professional Travel Ltd.[see www.A2Z-ProTravel.com]


Apr, 2000 - Jan, 2007                            Principal Founder & CEO of Taipan1.com Ltd. [see www.taipan1.com ; www.taipan123.com ]

Sep, 1999 - Jan, 2002                            Director of SCB Research Institute Ltd., Thailand.

Jan, 1998 - Jan, 2000                            Advisor to the Management Board, Siam Commercial Bank [SCB Letter]

Mar, 1998 - Apr, 2000                            Director of National Finance Pcl.,Thailand.

Mar, 1997 - Jan, 2001                            Director and Secretary-General of the Advisory Board of Siemens Ltd., Thailand

Aug, 1997 - Jan, 2000                           Director of Tongkah Harbour Pcl.,Thailand.

1987 - 1998                                           President of Novel Trader Co., Ltd., Thailand.

1981 - 1987                                           General Manager of Thai Heng Kan Chan L.P., Thailand.

Public Services Positions : [in Thailand]


Dec. 2011 - Present                                Members of Three National Subcommittees for 1) Content, 2) Administration & 3) Public Relationship in preparation for World Economic Forum (WEF) East Asia in Bangkok during May 30 to June 1, 2012.


Oct. 2004 - Apr. 2006                             Advisor to the Senate Committee for Fiscal, Banking and Financial Institutions appointed by Senator Surachai Danaitangtrakul View pdf file

Mar 12, 1997 – Nov. 2000                      Advisor to the Parliamentary Committee for Economic Affairs appointed by Dr.Supachai Panitchpakdi. (now as the Chief of UNTAC and the past Chief of WTO)

Feb 11,1999 - Nov 2000                         Advisor to the Parliamentary Committee for Justice and Human Rights appointed by MP.Larbsak Laparojkij.

Aug 24,1999 - Jan 2001                         Advisor to Deputy Prime Minister Office National Policy for Advanced Information Technology and Economics Affairs appointed by Dr.Trairong Suwankiri.

Social Activites

{ in Thailand }

Oct. 2006 - Jan 2008                             Advisor to the Board of Hoontrakul Memorial Foundation.

1996 - 1999                                           Director of the Parent-Teacher Association of Chulalongkorn University Demonstration School.

1996 - 1997                                           Vice President of SASIN Alumni Association.

1992 - 1996                                           Director of Hoontrakul Memorial Foundation.

1992 - 1993                                           Secretary General of SASIN Alumni Association.

Professional & Organizations

1988 - Present                                      Member,Polo Royal Bangkok Sport Club (RBSC), Bangkok, Thailand.[http://www.rbsc.org]

1999 - Present                                      Member of Dusit Golf Association, Thailand.

{ Internationally }


Jun 2009 - Present                                Advisor to the Thai Real Estate Association.Advisor to Thai Real Estate Association View pdf file    

July 2008 - Present                               A member of the Advisory Panel for the

International Association of Deposit Insurance (www.IADI.org), c/o Bank of International Settlements, Basel, Switzerland  View pdf file

Jan 2001 – Jun 2008                             the full Governing Board Member of the Asian Finance Association (formerly known as Asia Pacific Finance Association)

Aug, - Nov, 2003                                   Judge for E-Global Award, co-organized by IdEA, CommerceNet Singapore, CommerceTrust, AMPRO Business Club, City Junior Chamber and Singapore Industrial Automation Association. [See more detail at www.cnsg.com.sg ]

Sep, 2001 - May, 2002                           Member of the Program Committee for the 9th Global Finance Association Annual Conference, Beijing, China on May 26-28,2002.http://www.globalfinance.craig.csufresno.edu

Jul, 2000 - Jan, 2001                             Appointed as a non-voting member of Asia Pacific Finance Association [APFA] Board chaired by Prof.Carl Chiarella [More details athttp://www.buseco.monash.edu.au/SIG/APFA]

May, 2000 - Aug, 2001                           General Secretary of The APFA 2001 Conference Organizer hosted by SASIN and Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.  View pdf file [More details athttp://www.apfa2001.net]

May, 2000 - Aug. 2001                           Member and General Secretary of The Steering Committee, for the APFA2001 conference, Bangkok, Thailand